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Career Exploration Night 
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Rotary Career Exploration Night Career Professional Descriptions
Questions about becoming a panelist Contact Terri Hoye at thoye@nfumc.org

Business Management & Entrepreneurship
Starting Your Own Business:  What’s It Like Being an Entrepreneur?
Meet small business owners, nonprofit directors and people who have turned ideas into real companies. Learn what running your own business is really like!

Computers, Software and Digital Design:  Can You Make a Living in Cyber Space?
As an IT specialist, you might work with computer hardware, software, multimedia, or network systems, design new computer equipment or work on a new computer game. Find out if the IT field is right for you.

Art, Cameras, ACTION!:  Are the Worlds of Design, Video and Film Really that Glamorous?
Find out what goes on behind the scenes as professionals in the film industry and fields of photography, graphics design and theatre share insights about what their jobs are really like.

Sports Therapy, Biomedical Engineering, Nuclear Medicine:  Health Sciences isn’t just about Doctors!
The branches of health science are virtually endless, spanning the rewarding traditional jobs like being a doctor, nurse or pharmacist, to surprising new job opportunities in therapy, research and biotechnology. If you like science and the idea of helping people, this may be the field for you.

From Microscopes to Mountain Tops:  What in the World can you do with a Science Degree?
Not all scientists wear white lab coats and work with 3-eyed monkeys – there are countless ways to help the world through a career in science! From forensic research that solves crimes, to finding new energy sources or hiking rain forests in search of exotic plants to cure cancer….there is something out there for anyone intrigued by solving problems, helping others and/or exposing mysteries.

Marketing & Sales: What are Amazon and the Gwinnett Braves Both Looking for?
Some of the highest growth tech companies, like Amazon and Face book, have a great need for marketing managers. There are also jobs in web development, advertising and promoting sports teams – find out the skills you need to promote yourself in the field of marketing and sales.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent (but Law & Public Safety are Careers Worth Talking About!)
Is being a lawyer, a police officer or a fire chief as exciting in real life as it is on TV? Ask these panelists what it’s like to work every day at keeping our communities safe, and what you can do to become part of the team.

Designing, Building and Engineering Your Future:   Can You Construct a Career?
If you like math, solving problems and building stuff, then engineering may be the field for you. This field offers exciting opportunities for both men and women, with career paths that include architecture, aeronautics, homebuilding, protecting the environment and much more.

Cakes, Cranes, and Automobiles:  Do You Like Working with Your Hands?
There are lots of really great jobs that you can get trained for without going to a 4-year college. Jobs like being an electrician, mechanic, culinary chef, or heavy machine operator. For example, crane operators get paid to move heavy objects at construction sites, a job that requires great focus and skill. Find out what skilled trades might work for you!

Questions about becoming a panelist Contact Terri Hoye at thoye@nfumc.org

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